Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Personal Goals and Morning Routine


I'm posting two days in a row! YAY!  Yesterday I talked about how I was trying to get back into blogging and trying to be more consistent about posting.  I also briefly mentioned some of my goals.  Today I'm going to talk a little bit more about my personal goals and what my morning routine is.

My personal goals are:

  1. Read 16 books
  2. Finish memorizing James 1
  3. Memorize Romans 6
  4. Daily time with God
  5. Develop a morning routine habit
Read 16 books.  
I love to read but it's something that quickly gets pushed aside if something more urgent comes along.  I decided to make a monthly goal so that I would make the time to read everyday.  The way that I work reading into my busy schedule is by doing it here and there all day.  I read while I'm nursing.  I read while I'm watching the kids play.  I'll sometimes read at night while my husband is watching TV.  If I'm sitting around playing my phone, I'll try to put my phone down and read instead.  I'll also sometimes read in the morning after my Bible time.  I basically try to squeeze it in as much as I can.  

Finish memorizing James 1 and memorize Romans 6.
I love memorizing scripture!! About a year or so ago, I was suffering from really bad anxiety and depression and I ended up overcoming it by memorizing scripture.  I'm going to write a post hopefully this week about my easy method of memorizing scripture.  I chose to memorize James because it is one of my favorite books of the Bible.  It's really practical and straight forward, which I like.  I'm memorizing Romans 6 because I've read it's a good way to try to overcome sin. 

Daily time with God.
I really try hard to give God the first part of my day.  When I spend time with God the rest of my day just goes so much smoother.  I have more energy and more patience.  I'm happier.  I manage my time better.  It's something that's extremely important to me. 

Follow a morning routine.
This is an area that I've chosen to work on for the next 2 months.  I find that when I follow a pretty strict schedule, I have less anxiety and I get more accomplished.  I can also easily see how much I'm getting done everyday. Below is my morning routine:  

My Ideal Morning Routine (for the summer)
5:00---> Bible, Pray, Journal
6:00---> Read & Nurse Emmie
6:30---> Shower & Get Ready
7:00---> Breakfast & Devo's with kids
7:30---> Feed Emmie Breakfast 
8:00---> "School" with Holly
9:00---> Morning Chores
9:30---> Read/Nurse Emmie
10:00--> Clean, Organize, Projects, Blog
11:00--> Feed Em Lunch
11:30--> Activity with Holly

That's my ideal schedule.  I normally don't follow it exactly but I try to.  I like scheduling my time because it helps me to make sure that the house is getting clean, the kids are getting the attention they need, and I'm not wasting my time playing on my phone or watching TV.  I'm not super strict about this schedule, I adjust it as needed.  For the next month or so though,  I'm going to try pretty hard to be strict about my schedule.  I've noticed lately that I've been wasting a lot more time.  

Well that's all for today! Tomorrow I'll talk about my marriage goals and maybe my parenting goals!  I also plan on writing a post about my morning chore routine, how I memorize scripture, and what I do during my daily Bible time.  Let me know if there is anything you want me to write about!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Horrible Blogger

Oh my goodness! I'm such a horrible blogger.  I get some momentum and blog for a couple of days but then something comes up and it's three or four months before I start blogging again...

So, I'm really, really going to try to start blogging more.  I think one of the reasons I stop blogging is because I don't always have organizing stuff to talk about.  Since the name of my blog is organizing on a budget, I feel like the only things that I can talk about are organizing or budget stuff.  So I'm just going to make a commitment to blog everyday for at least 21 days.  21 days because I've read that's how long it takes to establish a habit.  I'm going to blog about anything and everything. Some of it may have to do with organizing but most of it will probably just be stuff about my everyday life.  I'm just not really sure right now where I want to go with this whole blogging thing.  So for 21 days, I'm going to write about everything and just see what I like writing about the best. 

To start off my new commitment to blogging I thought I would post about my monthly goals. 

June/July Blogging Goals:
  1. Blog everyday
  2. Start interacting with other blogs
June/July Personal Goals:
  1. Read 16 books
  2. Finish memorizing James 1
  3. Continue memorizing Romans 6
  4. Daily time with God (Prayer/Reading Bible)
  5. Make a morning routine habit
June/July Marriage Goals
  1. Be respectful and loving towards my husband!
  2. Develop a grateful spirit and be happy!
  3. Don't have too many expectations!
June/July Parenting Goals
  1. Daily Bible time
  2. Read to my children daily
  3. Work on Scripture memory
  4. Do something FUN with my kids everyday
  5. Homeschool at least 4x's a week
  6. Give Holly more responsibility through morning and afternoon chores
  7. Create more structure for Holly
So that's it for now! I think tomorrow and the rest of the week I'm going to talk more about my goals.  So join me back here tomorrow to hear more about my personal goals and my morning routine!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Meal Plan Monday: How I Simplify the Dinner Routine

I don't really like cooking, it's basically something I do because I have to.  For this reason, I try to make our dinner routine as easy as possible.  I explained in this post how I plan my meals and make my grocery list.  After I make my meal plans it's time to actually cook.  The easiest way for me to explain my method is to just tell you what I'm going to cook this week and how I go about cooking it.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Time Management: My Filofax

Today I'm going to be talking about how I manage my time! One way that I manage my time is by using a Filofax or day planner.  I've used a planner my whole life and although I've tried to go digital a few times I always come back to using actual paper and pens.  Something about physically writing down what I need to do makes me more likely to do it. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Organizing Wednesday: Baby & Toddler Closet

Today I am going to be talking about organizing!! This is my daughter's closet.  She is 3 years old and has a ton of clothes!  I also use this closet to store baby clothes for my 2 month old.  They do not share a room yet, only a closet.  I use this closet mainly for clothes storage but I also use it to store extra toys and arts & craft supplies. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Toddler Tuesday: Making Holidays Special

This past Friday was Valentine's Day.  One of my favorite things to do is make "holidays" extra special for my kids.  There are many ways to make holidays extra special for your kids.  Here are some of my examples:

Monday, February 17, 2014

Meal Plan Monday: Chili Recipe

This is my very basic, very cheap chili recipe.  It feeds my husband and I and our 3 year old daughter with no leftovers, if we double up on everything it will feed us all 2 days in a row.